Wireless Printing Service

You may send items to be printed via our wireless printing service called Princh. This is available on the web version or can also be downloaded as an app. Please follow the link below to the web version, to which you can upload items to be printed at the library. You will need the library's printer ID, which is listed below. Please call Imlay City at 810-724-8043 for any assistance or questions about this service.

Please note, you must select the payment option of 'pay at desk' to pay when you come to the library to pick any items up. Please call and let staff know your name and that you have sent items to be printed, so that they may release them and have them set aside. Prints are $.10 for black and white and $1.00 for color. 

Imlay City Printer ID: 108636

Click here for Princh website

Click here for Princh Instructions

Printing Via Library Email


If you need something printed, you may do so by forwarding or sending items to our library email, which is listed below. Call and let staff know that you have sent something to be printed, and you may pick it up via curbside service or in person (when and where applicable). 

This service is available at both branches.

Fax Service


A fax machine is available for the public to send and receive faxes at both branches of the Ruth Hughes Memorial District Library. Fax service ends 15 minutes prior to the library closing.

The fee is $2 for the first page and $.50 for each following page.  Faxes sent outside the United States may be charged an additional fee.

The Ruth Hughes Imlay City fax number is 810-724-2602.
The Ruth Hughes Attica fax number is 810-724-2007.



Both branches of the Ruth Hughes Memorial District Library provide public access to photocopy machines.

8.5 x 11 copies

........10 cents

8.5 x 14 copies

........15 cents

11 x 17 copies

........25 cents

Color copies    .........$1.00

The fee is doubled for double-sided copies.

This rate also applies to patrons supplying their own paper or transparencies.