Arbor Day Giveaway

Available beginning April 26

We may not be the Lorax but we still “speak for the trees” and all the great things they do for us! Be a tree hugger today and get your own Eastern White Pine seedling to plant!

images shows 3 green leafy trees surrounded by the words "Celebrate Arbor Day" and "Plant a Tree"

Mother's Day DIY button craft

Supplies available beginning May 3

It’s a well-known open secret that Mom’s love handmade gifts from their loved ones! This Mother’s Day we’ve got you all set -whether you planned ahead or not! Grab a Mother’s Day button kit from the front desk, color in the template or templates that strike your fancy - we ask, no more than 2 buttons per person. Return to the library with the finished project and watch as we transform it into a button that Mom can wear everywhere she goes!
image shows 3 terracotta plant pots with a tulip each (orange, red, and pink) popping out the top. Each pot has a letter and together they spell "MOM"

Star Wars Crafts for Star Wars Day

Available beginning May 3

Chewy, Han, Leia and Luke want you to fly the Millennium Falcon to the library and get your craft kit at twice the speed of hyper drive! But never forget, May the 4th be with us all!
image shows the checkout desk of the Ruth Hughes Memorial District Library. Patrons are being served by George Lucas characters like a storm trooper, Mandalorian, and an Imperial Death Trooper

National Family Reading Week

May 2 - 8

Emilie Buchwald said “Children are made readers in the laps of their parents” and with modern data showing overwhelming proof that starting early and remaining consistent in your reading patterns improves children’s education scores in almost every subject- how could you NOT take part in National Family Reading Week? Read together or apart, a book, magazine or sign- it doesn’t matter what you read as long as you read!
image shows a family of 4 (Mother standing holding a green book, father sitting holding infant while an adolescent lounges below them listening

Hoopla Kids Mode

Hoopla is full of great digital content for kids, including books, audiobooks, comics, movies, and music. You can use the Kids Mode setting to set your children's Hoopla account to access only this content that has been specially selected for them. Click here for instructions on Kids Mode, and get your family started with Hoopla today!

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